A Severe Problem Few Cyclists Have

What’s the problem?

You’re kidding. I tried riding on the saddle nose like that once and it was really uncomfortable. Who would do such a thing?

  1. They develop numbness in their perineum during the course of a ride.
  2. They experience significant, immediate pain in their perineum.
  3. The back half of the saddle is wider and just looks like a more comfortable place to sit on.

But… but… it’s more ‘pro’ to ride like this. Right? Right?

My saddle has a cutout! That solves all perineum problems, right?

All right, so what’s the consequence?

Wait, I’m a gal, this is a guy-only thing, right?

How do I check I’m sitting on the right place?

  1. Make sure you know where your sitbones are, that your saddle is wide enough to provide support, and that you are sitting sufficiently far to the rear of your saddle for your sitbones to be supporting your weight. Some riders, especially guys, just assume that they have narrow sitbones: it helps to be honest with oneself.
  2. Check your saddle: some saddle covers’ surface become shiny with prolonged body contact. Having the middle section, rather than the rear portion, be shinier than the rest of the saddle is an indication that you have been sitting too far forward on your saddle.

I think I’ve been riding on the nose, and may have the issue. What should I do?

But changing bike components is so troublesome!




We create comfortable, performance saddles based on your anatomy and inputs, at meld3d.com.

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Meld Solutions

Meld Solutions

We create comfortable, performance saddles based on your anatomy and inputs, at meld3d.com.

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