Basic Considerations for Saddle Fit Determination

Sitbones vs Perineum

Side view and simplified representation of sitbone and rami
Top view of pelvis
  1. numbness
  2. pain
  3. burning sensation

The Right Place To Sit

When You CAN Sit Further in Front

(a) No hip rotation: bending at the waist, lower back not straightened, rami does not bear weight. (b) Hip rotation done correctly.

Check Your Chamois

  1. Positioning: if your shorts/bibs are loose and the chamois doesn’t cover your sitbones, the saddle will feel harder and you’ll get bruised sitbones. If the chamois shifts against your body while pedaling, it will result in chafing. Your chamois changes the effective shape of the saddle, incorrect positioning can result in discomfort.
  2. Wear: like everything else, the chamois will degrade over time. It will get thinner and be less effective at cushioning. If you find that your saddle is getting less comfortable over time, try a newer chamois.
  3. Collapse: the chamois compresses and expands as you pedal. During the course of a ride, it will gradually lose its ability to expand to its original thickness. The length of time this takes depends on the quality and age of the chamois: generally the better the chamois, the longer it takes for it to collapse and result in noticeable discomfort.
  4. Friction: for long rides especially during the summer, sweat build up on your chamois can increase friction resulting in chafing. Consider using chamois cream, or cleaning up (e.g. using wet wipes) at rest stops in the middle of long rides. We discuss more in our article on chafing here:




We create comfortable, performance saddles based on your anatomy and inputs, at

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Meld Solutions

Meld Solutions

We create comfortable, performance saddles based on your anatomy and inputs, at

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