Saddle Adjustment — The 4 Classes of Riders

The 2 Dimensions

  1. Knowledge of reference points
    Knowing where our sitbones are, and whether they are properly supported by a saddle, is a key reference point. We can tell where our sitbones are by feeling for them with our hands: they are the bony ends of our pelvis. On the bike, we can reach underneath the saddle while pedaling to get a sense of their location on the saddle.
    Most people can tell whether their sitbones are being properly supported even without explicitly using their hands. If the saddle is too curved, or is too narrow, or the rider is sitting too far front, the resulting pressure on the perineum is very clear and should be avoided.
    The second reference point is relevant to those with an aggressive saddle-to-handlebar drop: know what is means and feels to have the rami support weight. An aggressive drop allows for effective hip rotation, distributing weight between the sitbones and rami. This is -not- to be confused with being upright and sitting further forward on the saddle, which causes the perineum to support weight instead of the rami.
  2. Inclination to tweak saddle position
    Interestingly, riders have different inclinations to adjust saddle setup (fore/aft and tilt). Some install the saddle level and leave that as it is, while others iteratively adjust the saddle after taking rides of varying distances.

The 4 Classes of Riders




We create comfortable, performance saddles based on your anatomy and inputs, at

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Meld Solutions

Meld Solutions

We create comfortable, performance saddles based on your anatomy and inputs, at

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