Why Meld’s Design Process Isn’t Like Custom Bike Building’s

Information We Convey

For a custom bike built at the local bike store, we probably already know quite well details of the bike we want, such as its geometry. We convey this information to the bike builder: we talk about it, or do a short write-up of our requirements. The builder may have his/her opinions and feedback, and after some to-and-fro, we get the bike we want. This process works because the information we convey is effective in achieving the desired result.

The Anatomy as Ground Truth

Hence, a lot of the design decisions going into getting a saddle right doesn’t come from us in either spoken or written form. Instead, we have to look at the ground truth, which is the anatomy itself. There are other secondary factors, such as how we use the saddle (whether we move fore/aft a lot), which we can provide feedback for. But, we, as users, should not trust ourselves to fully decide, for instance, how wide the saddle should be.



We create comfortable, performance saddles based on your anatomy and inputs, at meld3d.com.

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